Do you Practice Religion

Daily writing promptDo you practice religion?View all responses Yes. Of course. I am a practicing Hindu.

Embracing Simplicity: Life Before the Internet

Daily writing promptDo you remember life before the internet?View all responses Embracing Simplicity: Life Before the Internet   In a time not so long ago, life unfolded at a different pace, where the internet had yet to become an integral part of our daily routines. Reflecting on that era, we can find beauty in the... Continue Reading →

I love Bengaluru wearher

How do you feel about cold weather? Feelings about cold Weather RefreshinginvigoratingenergizingcalmingsoothingrelaxinginvigoratingstimulatingrefreshingIf you are asking about the physical sensation of cold water, here are some things that people might experience: A sudden chillA tingling sensationA tightening of the skinA feeling of goosebumpsA feeling of being invigoratedA feeling of being refreshedSome people enjoy the feeling of... Continue Reading →

Life is a journey, not a destination.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Daily writing promptWhat gives you direction in life?View all responses   Throughout our lives, we often find ourselves searching for direction. We ask ourselves, "What am I meant to do?" or "What is my purpose in life?" The truth is, the answer to these questions can be elusive, and it's okay to feel lost at... Continue Reading →

I Like to coin Quotes….

Daily writing promptWhat topics do you like to discuss?View all responses I like intellectual discussions.  Critical, impersonal, non-judgemental, non-accusing, Logical, friendly conversations.  I love to coin quotes.  At times, I feel lucky when I find company of my friends and discuss some Quotes I coined - take their inputs, improvise, improve, correct and then share... Continue Reading →

Learning Never Ends. I am still learning…

Daily writing promptDescribe something you learned in high school.View all responses igh school is a time of growth, learning, and exploration. It's where we discover who we are and what we're capable of. For me, high school was a time of many firsts and valuable lessons. Looking back, I can see how these experiences have... Continue Reading →

Work for improving our community.

Daily writing promptHow would you improve your community?View all responses As a retired senior citizen, I believe in the importance of giving back to society. One way I can improve my community is by volunteering with NGOs that focus on healthcare initiatives. In particular, I have been actively involved with an NGO that provides eye... Continue Reading →

MisUnderstand, Lack of understanding, Not understanding ….

Daily writing promptWhat’s something most people don’t understand?View all responses What’s something most people don’t understand?       One thing that many people may not fully understand is the extent to which their own biases and preconceptions shape their thoughts and perceptions. Often, people believe that they are objective and rational in their judgments,... Continue Reading →

My most Influential Teacher/s in Evening College when I was learning Management.

Daily writing promptWho was your most influential teacher? Why?View all responses The Senior Professor and Director was a luminary. He loved Table Tenis and I would bunk my evening college class to meet him, play few games (win / lose ) did not matter and post college we would sit on a bridge - 4-5... Continue Reading →

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