MisUnderstand, Lack of understanding, Not understanding ….

Daily writing promptWhat’s something most people don’t understand?View all responses What’s something most people don’t understand?       One thing that many people may not fully understand is the extent to which their own biases and preconceptions shape their thoughts and perceptions. Often, people believe that they are objective and rational in their judgments,... Continue Reading →

Free summary of the day by Nik’s Newsletter.

Heyo, Nik here with your free summary of the day. If you enjoy these, check out our reading guide. It'll help you learn and remember more from everything you read. Happy reading! Want to get just one weekly summary roundup? Switch to weekly. ​ 1-Sentence-Summary: The Financial Diet is a compendium of clever money tips... Continue Reading →

Requested Ministry-wise PIB releases.

Press Information Bureau Government of India Dear Dhananjaya Parkhe This email has been sent by PIB on your request to subscribe PIB releases. •PRESS COMMUNIQUE •MAIDEN PASSING OUT PARADE OF AGNIVEERS 01/22 BATCH AT INS CHILKA •PM PUBLIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM •Second Environment and Climate Sustainability Working Group (ECSWG) meeting concludes in Gandhinagar with G20 member... Continue Reading →


Word of the Day matriculate (mətrɪkyəleɪt , மட்ரிக்யலைட / மட்ரீக்யுலேட / மட்ரிக்யலிட / மட்ரிக்யலேட) Example The player said he was going to Harvard University, but he had actually matriculated in the local college. Definition noun someone who has been admitted to a college or university verb enroll as a student Quote of the Day “Flatter... Continue Reading →

AI and we…

Artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly become a buzzword in today's world. From smartphones to self-driving cars, AI is playing an increasingly significant role in our lives. However, as we continue to develop and integrate AI into our daily activities, we face several challenges. Akimbo, a popular podcast, recently released a brand new episode on AI.... Continue Reading →

Free verse, a Limerick and a Haiku for the day.

A glimpse of yellow Amidst the dreary, grey skies Ancient cries foretell Darkness creeps closer The yellow fades, darkness wins Ancient cries fulfilled Limerick: In the grey skies a glimpse of gold Ancient cries, foretelling of old Dark messengers near Our fate now is clear Death's tale in the leaves, truth be told Haiku (18... Continue Reading →

Requested Ministry-wise PIB releases.

Press Information Bureau Government of India Dear Dhananjaya Parkhe This email has been sent by PIB on your request to subscribe PIB releases. •Startup20 engagement group successfully concludes its 2nd Meeting at Gangtok, Sikkim •Raksha Mantri exhorts youth to ideate, innovate & set up new companies to transform India into one of the most powerful... Continue Reading →

Title: The Benefits of Trust and Responsibility in Our Lives

Introduction: Booker T. Washington once said, "Giving someone responsibility and trusting them can be life-changing." In simpler terms, when we trust people and give them responsibilities, it can have a positive impact on their lives. This article explores the benefits of taking on responsibilities and trusting others, and how we can implement these principles in... Continue Reading →

While I started to do a course on Ethical Hacking I heard the Instructor say “All coders are cheats, to learn coding you must learn to cheat”.

While I taught Business Ethics, it made me think deeper - whether the word ETHICS has been diluted by today's IT/ coding/ Hacking world? And has the business community in general, come to accept lowering of the ETHICAL STANDARDs and norms as a common practice or Best Practice. Introduction: Ethics is a critical aspect of... Continue Reading →

School Sports: Focusing on Valuable Outcomes Beyond Winning

School Sports: Focusing on Valuable Outcomes Beyond Winning School sports are an essential part of the school experience for many students. They offer a variety of valuable outcomes, including learning teamwork, developing a lifetime habit of fitness, giving non-academically-focused kids a chance to shine, offering leadership opportunities, and valuing persistence, innovation, and responsibility. However, the... Continue Reading →

Table topic Toastmasters question..

To respond to the question "Do my expectations match the level of effort I'm giving?" you could follow these steps: Reflect on your expectations: Take some time to think about what your expectations are for yourself. Are they realistic and achievable given your current circumstances? Are they based on external factors, such as societal or... Continue Reading →

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