No Competition – by Seth Godin

* No competition [ ] There's no competition for cookbooks on making food out of soccer balls and hockey pucks. There's no competition for software that charges you to find out the temperature on Mars. There's no competition for a service that counts how many pairs of shoes you own. In fact, in every market that's... Continue Reading →

Subtle behavioural Shifts *SBS* (From a Seth Godin Newsletter.

* Sorry/thanks [ ] If you often find yourself saying “sorry” in a way that doesn't advance the conversation, it might be interesting to substitute “thank you” instead. So, “I'm sorry this came out of the kitchen after your other dishes,” becomes, “thank you for waiting so patiently.” And, “I'm sorry we got disconnected,” becomes, “thank... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts on Mastodon by Seth Godin

* Some thoughts on Mastodon [ ] It is, by far, the fastest-growing social network in history, growing more than 20% in about a week. And yet it didn't stutter much. How can this be? It's a network in the real internet sense of the word. It's not just a network of users, it's a network... Continue Reading →

Neither here nor therre: Seth Godin’s newsletter

* Neither here nor there [ ] It's tempting to imagine that mixing half a glass of milk and half a glass of orange juice might get you a hybrid that's better than either. Alas, not so much. The goal is to find something that is in and of itself. That becomes the very best version... Continue Reading →

Whining and Status… From Seth Godin Newsletter

* Whining and status [ ] Toddlers don't get afforded a lot of respect. They whine all the time about how unfair things are, and it's difficult to take them seriously. Lately, in our quest for victory, we've established that some winners get there via whining, and perhaps this is a useful strategy. It seems as... Continue Reading →

Placebos and Objective Reality : Seth Godin’s Blog newsletter

* Placebos and objective reality [ ] A placebo is a human intervention that changes the story we tell ourselves. And those stories are powerful. They can alleviate pain, make wine taste better, improve our golf swing and even grow hair. Because the placebo is so powerful, we spend a lot of time and money on... Continue Reading →

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