My fav instructors on Udemy : Shola Kaye… Impromptu Speaking ( useful for Toastmasters)

Hello Dhananjaya         Do you know what motivates and inspires you? What makes you tick? Last month I spent some time in sunny Florida (well, actually, it rained for two days) at a conference for consultants, coaches, and business owners.  One of the most eye-opening parts of the program was an exercise on finding... Continue Reading →

Random Phrases

My Cup of Tea Meaning: Someone or something that one finds to be agreeable or delightful. Quick On the Draw Meaning: Performing an action with the greatest of haste. Head Over Heels Meaning: Falling deeply in love with another person. No-Brainer Meaning: Anything that requires minimal brain activity to accomplish. Greased LightningMeaning: Very fast or quick.

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