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Marcus Aurelius wrote that "people are our proper occupation. Our job is to do them good and put up with them." Of course, the people around us don't always make that so easy. Sometimes, they make it really, really hard. As Marcus writes in the passage that would inspire the phrase "the obstacle is the... Continue Reading →

Daily Stoic – via newsletter

As our Page-A-Day calendar turns to November, it’s time to release our 2022 Daily Stoic Gift Guide! This year we’ve expanded our offering to 13 amazing products you can pick up for your friends and family this holiday season, including our new Four Virtues Signet Ring.​ To learn more about this handcrafted ring, our new premium leather edition of Meditations, and all... Continue Reading →


PASSAGE OF THE WEEK: It is the opening lesson of Meditations. The two most important words, what everything great follows from: “character and self-control.” If there is a key to life, it is to “love the discipline you know,” Marcus said, “and let it support you.” Let it tether you to this moment, not to some potential... Continue Reading →

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