Article, LImerick and a Haiku

Article: Embracing the Light of Reason: Unleashing the Power Within In the realms of intellect and reason, Galileo Galilei stands as a towering figure, a testament to the brilliance of human potential. His words echo through the corridors of time, reminding us that our senses, reason, and intellect are divine gifts to be cherished, not... Continue Reading →

Story: The Enduring Pursuit: Chasing Dreams Beyond Head Starts

Once upon a time, in a small suburban neighborhood, there lived a determined young girl named Lily. She had a fiery passion for tennis that burned within her heart. Every day after school, she would rush to the local tennis court, ready to challenge herself and improve her skills. Lily's love for the sport was... Continue Reading →


Word of the Day insular (ɪnsələr , ఇన్సలర) Example Even in the era of globalization, it looks like the people of North Korea live an insular existence. Definition adjective narrowly restricted in outlook or scope Synonyms:  parochial "insular attitudes toward foreigners" "little sympathy with parochial mentality" suggestive of the isolated life of an island "an... Continue Reading →

I love Bengaluru wearher

How do you feel about cold weather? Feelings about cold Weather RefreshinginvigoratingenergizingcalmingsoothingrelaxinginvigoratingstimulatingrefreshingIf you are asking about the physical sensation of cold water, here are some things that people might experience: A sudden chillA tingling sensationA tightening of the skinA feeling of goosebumpsA feeling of being invigoratedA feeling of being refreshedSome people enjoy the feeling of... Continue Reading →

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