Poetry, Limericks, Haiku

Free Verse Poetry:

**Success is not a destination, **It is a journey. **It is not about what you have, **But about who you are.

**It is about making a difference, **Leaving your mark on the world. **It is about living your life to the fullest, **And never settling for less.


**There once was a man named Dave, *

*Who thought success was just a wave.

**But then he realized, *

*It was more than just pride,

It was about making a difference every day.

And another one:

**There once was a woman named Sue,

**Who thought success was just about you.

**But then she learned,

**It was about others as well,

And making the world a better place too.


**Success is not easy, *

*But it is worth the hard work.

Never give up on your dreams.


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