Limericks, Free verse poem, Haiku

Free Verse Poetry:

In the cosmic theater, life’s comedy unfurls,
Uncomfortable truths, wrapped in sarcastic curls.
Yet, amidst the laughter, a moral thread weaves,
Guiding us toward kindness, compassion it conceives.

Two Limericks:

There once was a truth, sharp and crude,
Disguised in humor, it subtly eluded.
But we laughed with a nod,
For its wisdom, a prod,
Taking action, our hearts now intruded.

In a world of contradictions and jest,
We strive to laugh with hearts truly blessed.
Through humor, we reflect,
With morality, we connect,
A call to action, we can’t resist the jest.

Laughter, our ally,
Uncomfortable truths jest,
Action wakes our souls.


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