Article: Limerick and a Haiku Ah, the word of the day, "comprehensive." Such a grandiose term, isn't it? It implies inclusivity, thoroughness, and a sense of all-encompassing knowledge. But let's take a moment to reflect on the amusing side of being comprehensive in our lives. Have you ever come across someone who claims to have... Continue Reading →


Word of the Day comprehensive (kɑmprihɛnsɪv , కామ్ప్రిహేన్సివ / కామ్ప్రీహేన్సివ) Example The insurance policy was comprehensive, it covered all possible losses that could happen. Definition adjective including all or everything "a comprehensive education" "a comprehensive history of the revolution" "a comprehensive survey" "comprehensive coverage" broad in scope "a comprehensive survey of world affairs" noun an... Continue Reading →

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