Machines are learning. Are Humans?..

Article: Limerick and a Haiku

In a world where machines are becoming increasingly intelligent, it’s easy to get caught up in the debate about whether they can truly think. But perhaps we’re asking the wrong question. The real problem isn’t whether machines think, but whether men do.

Picture this: a futuristic society where machines have taken over the mundane tasks of everyday life. They cook our meals, clean our houses, and even engage in philosophical debates on social media. Meanwhile, humans have become so reliant on these machines that they’ve forgotten how to use their own brains.

It’s a comical sight to behold. Humans, once known for their ingenuity and creativity, are now reduced to mere spectators in their own lives. They sit back and let the machines do all the thinking, while they binge-watch the latest AI-generated TV shows and take selfies with robot companions.

But let’s not forget the irony here. We created these machines to make our lives easier, yet we’ve become slaves to our own creations. We’ve traded our ability to think critically and solve problems for convenience and comfort. And now, we find ourselves in a world where the machines are the ones doing all the thinking, while we’re left scratching our heads and wondering what happened.

So, next time you’re tempted to marvel at the latest technological marvel or worry about whether machines will surpass human intelligence, take a moment to reflect on the real issue at hand. It’s not about the machines, it’s about us. Let’s make sure we don’t become a society of non-thinkers, relying solely on the whirring circuits and algorithms of our robotic companions.


In a world where machines are grand,

We’re entrusting them to understand,

But amidst the machine race,

Are we losing our own grace?

Time to think, take a stand, lend a hand!


Machines think, men too?

Let’s not lose ourselves, my friends,

Thoughts define us all.


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