Good and Bad…

Article: Limerick and a Haiku

We often hear about the “good china” and the “bad china.” The good china is reserved for special occasions, while the bad china is used for everyday meals. But what if we looked at it from a different perspective? What if we saw the good china as the one that’s been neglected and the bad china as the one that’s been used and loved?

Similarly, in recent years, we’ve heard of the “good Taliban” and the “bad Taliban.” The good Taliban are those who are willing to negotiate and cooperate with the Afghan government and the international community. The bad Taliban are those who continue to carry out attacks and perpetrate violence.

But perhaps it’s time to “condone” a different way of thinking. Instead of labeling people or things as good or bad, we can recognize that everyone and everything has both positive and negative aspects. Just like the good china that’s been neglected and the bad china that’s been loved, maybe the so-called “good” and “bad” Taliban both have something to offer.

Let’s shift our perspective and see things in a more nuanced way. By doing so, we can work towards finding common ground and building bridges instead of creating divisions.


There’s the good china and the bad,

But which one’s really more rad?

The one that’s been loved,

Or the one that’s been shoved?

Let’s use them both, it’s not that bad!


Good and bad, just words,

Nuance is what we need most,

See the full picture.

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