The Importance of Overcoming FOFO in a Hybrid Working World

The Importance of Overcoming FOFO in a Hybrid Working World – my article, a Sonnet, a LImerick and a Haiku

Fear Of Finding Out, or FOFO, is a common phenomenon that many individuals experience when it comes to seeking feedback. Whether it’s fear of criticism, failure, or emotional distress, FOFO can hinder one’s ability to learn and grow in their career.

In today’s culture of hybrid and remote working, FOFO has become even more prevalent, particularly for certain groups who spend less time in the office. Women, younger staff, and people of color may miss out on valuable feedback due to limited face-to-face interactions with their colleagues and managers. This lack of feedback can lead to a plateau in their career growth, as they may not be aware of areas where they need to improve.

Overcoming FOFO is vital for personal and professional development. One way to do so is to shift your mindset and view feedback as an opportunity for growth, rather than a criticism of your abilities. Another way is to actively seek out feedback from colleagues and managers, both in formal performance reviews and informal check-ins. This not only allows you to learn from your mistakes and improve, but it also demonstrates to others that you are open to feedback and committed to self-improvement.

In conclusion, FOFO can be a major obstacle in the path to personal and professional growth. However, in a hybrid working world, it’s more important than ever to overcome this fear and actively seek out feedback. By doing so, we can learn, improve, and ultimately achieve our full potential.


There once was a worker named Joe,
Who feared feedback more than he’d show.
But he took a deep breath,
And faced FOFO with zest,
Now his career’s set for an upward flow.


Oh FOFO, how you plague us with your fear,
Of finding out what we don’t want to hear.
You hold us back from growth and self-improvement,
And keep us in a state of constant torment.

But we must overcome this fear within,
And view feedback as a chance to begin,
A journey toward our full potential,
To grow and learn, and be influential.

So let us face FOFO with courage and grace,
And seek out feedback in every workplace.
For only then can we truly excel,
And break free from FOFO’s wicked spell.


Fear of finding out,
Hinders growth and self-improvement,
Feedback is the key.

©Dhananjay KalyanRao Parkhe 2023.


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