Did you know... ... that today is Deep Blue Chess Day? On this day in 1997, IBM's Deep Blue supercomputer beat chess grand master Garry Kasparov after a six-game match. The first match was played in February 1996 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kasparov won the match 4-2, losing one game, drawing in two and winning three.... Continue Reading →


Word of the Day rustic Example Life in the summer camp was too rustic; we missed cold drinks, electricity and comfortable sofa. Definition adjective awkwardly simple and provincial Synonyms:  bumpkinly, hick, unsophisticated "a hick town" "bumpkinly country boys" "rustic farmers" "the nightlife of Montmartre awed the unsophisticated tourists" characteristic of the fields or country Synonyms: ... Continue Reading →

ChatGPT helped me generate this marathi Poem – ..

I attempted asking AI to generate a Marathi Poem by giving it the first line. After 5-6 attempts it generated this poem. #AchheDin or #BureDin for Poets are coming चुकचुकीत चुकांची रांगोळी, दारी उभारते नाहीं, गाडी धीमी होते नाहीं, वाहते वेगळ्या लोकांची चांदणी, वाजते विविध संगीतांची धुनी हातात गंध सुवासिता, पुढे उद्या जाऊ नका, आनंदात... Continue Reading →

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