3 limericks and a Haiku

Limerick 1:
In colloquial speech, there’s a phrase,
That’s used in so many ways,
It’s paltry, but true,
When you’re unsure what to do,
“Just follow your heart,” it oft says.

Limerick 2:
A man who would always berate,
His wife for arriving home late,
She said, “Reciprocate please,
And try not to tease,
Or your dinner will just have to wait!”

Limerick 3:
A student who studied all night,
For an exam the next day in sight,
In colloquial slang,
She said, “This is a pain,”
But aced it with paltry delight.

In colloquial tone,
Words flow with paltry ease,
Reciprocate grace.


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