3 free verse poems today

Poem 1: “Make Yourself Worthy”

You may think that life’s unfair, That no one’s there to show they care. But here’s a truth you can’t ignore, You’re the only one who can open the door.

The harsh reality may sting, But don’t let it be the end of everything. Use it as a fuel to ignite your fire, And let your passion take you higher.

You don’t need others to believe, Just make yourself worthy and achieve. The road may be tough, the journey long, But with perseverance, you’ll prove them wrong.

Poem 2: “Riches, Strength, and Happiness”

Riches, strength, and happiness, Are things we all crave to possess. But do we need them to feel complete? Or are they just illusions we compete?

Yes, it’s true, when you have wealth, People flock to you with open health. And when you’re strong, they cheer you on, And when you’re happy, you’re never alone.

But what about when you’re not? When life throws you a curveball, a shot. Will they still be there to lend a hand? Or will you have to make a stand?

The lesson here is crystal clear, Don’t rely on others to be near. Make yourself worthy of your own love, And blessings will rain from above.

Poem 3: “The Journey Within”

Life’s harsh reality may seem unkind, But it’s not meant to break your mind. It’s a test of your inner strength, To see if you can go the length.

Riches, strength, and happiness, Are all external forms of success. But true success lies within, In the way you treat yourself and kin.

You don’t need others to validate, The person you are or what you create. Believe in yourself, and you’ll see, The power of your own destiny.

So, don’t be afraid to walk alone, For you’re the hero in your own zone. The journey within is where it all begins, And with determination, you’ll always win.



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