WOMANISM, FEMINISM, EQUAL RIGHTS to Women across all countries of the World

“Women have a much better time than men in this world;
there are far more things forbidden to them.” – Oscar Wilde

Let’s start with the idea of womanism. Womanism is a term coined by Alice Walker to describe a form of feminism that is specifically rooted in the experiences of Black women. Womanism is about recognizing the unique struggles that Black women face and advocating for their liberation. It is a powerful framework that recognizes the intersectionality of race, gender, and class, and seeks to empower women of color in all aspects of their lives.

As for Oscar Wilde’s quote, it’s certainly an interesting one. On the surface, it may seem like a statement of privilege, suggesting that women have it easier because there are fewer things they are not allowed to do. But when we dig deeper, we can see that it is actually a critique of the patriarchal system that restricts men as well as women. In a world where men are expected to be stoic and unemotional, for example, it can be difficult for them to express themselves and connect with others. So really, this quote is about the need for all people to be free to be themselves, regardless of gender.

Now let’s talk about feminism and the fight for equal rights for women. The struggle for women’s rights has been going on for centuries, and while there have certainly been victories along the way, there is still so much work to be done. Women around the world still face discrimination in the workplace, in politics, and in their personal lives. The fight for reproductive rights and access to healthcare continues to rage on, and sexual assault and harassment are still far too common.

But the good news is that there are so many amazing women (and men!) out there who are fighting for change. There are activists, politicians, artists, and everyday people who are working to dismantle the patriarchy and create a more just world. And we can all be a part of this fight.

So what can we do? Here are some steps we can take to support the fight for women’s rights:

  1. Educate ourselves: One of the most important things we can do is to educate ourselves about the issues facing women. Read books and articles by feminists, listen to podcasts, and attend events and rallies. Learn about the history of the women’s movement and the current state of affairs.

  2. Speak out: Don’t be afraid to speak out against sexism and misogyny when you see it. Call out friends and family members who make sexist jokes or comments. Write letters to politicians and companies demanding change. Use social media to amplify the voices of women and other marginalized groups.

  3. Support women-owned businesses: When you have the option, choose to support women-owned businesses. This helps to level the playing field in the business world and empowers women to be successful entrepreneurs.

  4. Vote: Use your voice and your vote to support candidates who prioritize women’s rights. Pay attention to the issues that are important to you and research the candidates’ positions on those issues.

  5. Donate: If you have the means, consider donating to organizations that work to support women and advance their rights. There are so many amazing nonprofits out there that are doing important work, from providing healthcare to survivors of sexual assault to fighting for reproductive rights.

In conclusion, the fight for women’s rights is far from over, but we can all be a part of it. By educating ourselves, speaking out, supporting women-owned businesses, voting, and donating, we can help to create a more just and equal world for all. As the great feminist Audre Lorde once said, “I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.” Let’s work together to break those shackles and create a better world for everyone.


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