Social Media Followers are not all Friends….

There once was a person so true,
Their friends list began to shrink, it’s true.
The fakers and pretenders,
Were quick to surrender,
Now only real friends remain, just a few.

A fellow stuck to his true self,
And the fakers fell off like an elf.
He was left with true friends,
And a heart that transcends,
The fakery that plagues everyone else.

When you’re true to yourself, it seems,
That fake friends disappear like bad dreams.
The pretenders won’t last,
And will quickly be cast,
Away like a ship that’s unseemly.

If you’re real and you’re honest and true,
The fakers will quickly bid you adieu.
Your real friends will stay,
And won’t fade away,
Leaving just the best, not the few.

Stick to your true self, that’s the key,
And soon enough, you will see,
The pretenders will flee,
And the real friends, you’ll see,
Are the ones who were meant to be.


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