Chinese Zodiac years and the animals

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What animals make the best/worst pets?

What are the names of the Chinese years? What does each animal signify?

The Chinese zodiac, also known as Shēngxiào, is based on a twelve-year cycle, with each year represented by an animal sign. The animal signs in order are:

  1. Rat (鼠 – shǔ): The Rat is the first sign in the Chinese zodiac and is associated with intelligence and wealth.

  2. Ox (牛 – niú): The Ox is associated with hard work, honesty, and reliability.

  3. Tiger (虎 – hǔ): The Tiger is associated with power, bravery, and unpredictability.

  4. Rabbit (兔 – tù): The Rabbit is associated with gentleness, sensitivity, and kindness.

  5. Dragon (龙 – lóng): The Dragon is associated with strength, power, and good luck.

  6. Snake (蛇 – shé): The Snake is associated with wisdom, gracefulness, and mystery.

  7. Horse (马 – mǎ): The Horse is associated with energy, independence, and free-spiritedness.

  8. Goat/Sheep (羊 – yáng): The Goat/Sheep is associated with creativity, kindness, and a love of beauty.

  9. Monkey (猴 – hóu): The Monkey is associated with intelligence, curiosity, and playfulness.

  10. Rooster (鸡 – jī): The Rooster is associated with confidence, courage, and honesty.

  11. Dog (狗 – gǒu): The Dog is associated with loyalty, intelligence, and kindness.

  12. Pig (猪 – zhū): The Pig is associated with honesty, loyalty, and a good sense of humor.

Each animal sign is believed to have certain characteristics that influence people’s personalities and fortunes, according to Chinese astrology. People born in a particular year are said to share these characteristics, and the year of their birth sign determines their zodiac sign.

I guess, each one to his/ her own taste.  I have seen people who love the Animal of their Zodiac year and its attributes and actually live them and make observers feel the true “Animal instinct”

Rat: A rat with a quick mind and wit Is bound to be prosperous and fit But if you cross their path You might feel their wrath Better to keep your distance a bit

Haiku: Tiny feet scurry Silent hunter of the night Rat, quick as lightning

Ox: The ox is a strong and sturdy beast With a work ethic that won’t ever cease But when it’s time to relax They know how to kick back And enjoy a good meal with a feast

Haiku: Patient and steadfast Oxen plow through the hard work Gentle giants rest

Tiger: A tiger’s fierce, wild and bold A sight to behold, but don’t be sold Their strength can be fleeting But their spirit unyielding And their heart is as pure as gold

Haiku: Fiery stripes flash by Tiger, swift and elegant Nature’s work of art

Rabbit: The rabbit is sweet and serene Their gentle spirit cannot be seen But don’t be fooled by their meekness For they possess an inner uniqueness And a quiet strength that’s supreme

Haiku: Ears perked, nose quivering Rabbit sniffs the fragrant breeze Soft, silent, and swift

Dragon: The dragon’s a magical sight Full of fire, wonder, and might They’re larger than life With a spirit that’s rife With energy that’s both bold and bright

Haiku: Dragon scales shimmer Flames flicker in their keen eyes Majestic and fierce

Snake: The snake is sly and sleek A master of cunning and mystique They’ll charm and beguile With a wry little smile And leave you feeling weak

Haiku: Serpent slithers close Eyes fixated, tongue flicking Wisdom in motion

Horse: The horse is a free-spirited one Their energy cannot be undone They run wild and free With a spirit that’s key To living life without regret or undone

Haiku: Mane flowing, hooves pound Horse gallops with wild delight Freedom unbridled

Sheep/Goat: The sheep is gentle and kind Their compassion is easy to find But don’t let that fool you For they’re tough and resilient too And their inner strength is refined

Haiku: Sheep, calm and gentle Wooly coat, eyes bright and clear Benevolence reigns

Monkey: The monkey is clever and smart Their wit can be a work of art But they can also be mischievous And their antics can be quite curious Just be ready for the monkey’s depart

Haiku: Mischievous chatters Monkey swings from tree to tree Fun, laughs, and pranks galore

Rooster: The rooster is proud and bold Their crow can never be controlled They’re always on time And their feathers shine Like a treasure made of gold

Haiku: Sunrise heralds, cock-a-doodle-doo! Rooster struts with regal poise Feathers like a crown

Dog: The dog is loyal and true Their friendship will never be askew They’ll protect and defend Until the very end And their love will see you through

Haiku: Fur soft, eyes so warm Dog’s tail wags with sheer delight Faithful friend for life

ig: The pig is a generous soul Their heart is as big as a bowl They’ll share what they have And never be mad Their kindness is what makes them whole

Haiku: Pink snout, curly tail Pig roots in the earth below Joy in simple things

And here are the limerick and haiku for the Rooster again:

Rooster: The rooster is proud and bold Their crow can never be controlled They’re always on time And their feathers shine Like a treasure made of gold

Haiku: Sunrise heralds, cock-a-doodle-doo! Rooster struts with regal poise Feathers like a crown


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