The word of the day is CRYPTIC – see a free verse poem, read a limerick and a Haiku

cryptic (krɪptɪk , க்ரிப்டிக)
The comments of the police officer were cryptic; nobody could understand what he said.

  1. having a puzzling terseness
    “a cryptic note”
  2. having a secret or hidden meaning
    Synonyms:  cabalistic, cryptical, kabbalistic, qabalistic, sibylline
    “cabalistic symbols engraved in stone”

    “cryptic writings”

    “thoroughly sibylline in most of his pronouncements”

  3. of an obscure nature
    Synonyms:  cryptical, deep, inscrutable, mysterious, mystifying
    “a deep dark secret”

    “in its mysterious past it encompasses all the dim origins of life”

    “rituals totally mystifying to visitors from other lands”

    “the inscrutable workings of Providence”

    “the new insurance policy is written without cryptic or mysterious terms”
    Cryptic messages, oh how they tease
    Puzzling words, that aim to please
    Hidden meanings, shrouded in mystery
    Leaving minds, in a state of history

    Inscrutable clues, that refuse to unveil
    A riddle, a puzzle, a game to prevail
    Cabalist symbols, engraved in stone
    Secrets, kept hidden and unknown

    Cryptic, deep, mysterious and more
    Words that baffle, leave us unsure
    But oh, how we love the thrill of the chase
    Trying to decipher, the cryptic’s hidden face


    There once was a cryptic old man
    Whose words were hard to understand
    His messages, oh so deep
    Left listeners in a heap
    Decoding his speech was his plan


    Cryptic words abound
    Hidden meanings to be found
    Puzzles to astound


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