FVP.L.H. (Free verse Poetry, Limerick and Haiku of the day.

Free Verse:

Create your life, don’t just live it
Choose what you give your attention to
The valedictorian’s just a starting kit
Invest your time in what you love to do

Money may be a powerful tool
But it can’t buy all that’s important in life
Don’t let it be your only rule
Spend your time wisely, without strife

Know thyself, for the world will ask
Without self-awareness, it’ll tell you who
Beauty in architecture is no small task
People need it to feel at home, it’s true

Laugh with your loved ones, go on a date
Take your kids to the park, sip coffee with your folks
Money can’t buy these memories, it’s fate
Create your life, don’t just follow the orthodox.


There once was a valedictorian so bright
But “average” folks lapped her out of sight
It’s not just about grades
But where attention is paid
Invest your time well, and you’ll take flight.


A good day for me
Spent with those I hold dear
Joy, laughter, and love.

©Dhananjay Kalyanrao Parkhe


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