Impartiality – 4 Limericks

1. A judge who is truly impartial,

Will hear both sides

before being partial,

No bias or favor,

Will he or she savor,

For justice that’s fair is the marshal.

2. When it comes to decisions judicial,

The judge must be fair and not partial,

For justice to be served,

The facts must be observed,

And the law must be followed, impartial.

3.An unbiased view is what’s needed,

For a judge who must not be conceded,

With no preconceived notion,

And no undue emotion,

Their verdict must be impartially heeded.

4. Impartiality’s key in court,

To make sure that justice is brought,

With no favoritism shown,

And all evidence known,

A fair verdict must then be wrought.


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