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Word of the Day
lugubrious (lugyubriəs , లుగూబ్రీఅస / లూగ్యూబ్రీఅస)   Example   The man’s lugubrious eulogy at his dog’s funeral eventually made everyone giggle.   Definition   adjective excessively mournful
Free Verse
oh how it sounds!
Like something lost
that can’t be found,

Excessively mournful,
you say?
Let’s turn it ’round,
and find a way.

Instead of tears,
let’s laugh a while,
And find some joy
in Lugubrious’ style.

Let’s turn our sorrows
into jest, And lay our
worries down to rest.
So when life’s burdens
start to weigh,

And our hearts
feel heavy like clay,
Let’s remember
Lugubrious’ name,
And turn our
into a game.

There once was a man lugubrious,
Whose dog had passed on, it was serious.
But his eulogy was so sad,
It drove everyone mad,
Till they giggled,
completely delirious.

Lugubrious skies,
Heavy with tears
and sorrow,
Laughter breaks the clouds.

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