On contentment / on materialism / Buddhism jokes

On contentment / on materialism / Buddhism jokes

In a Buddhist monastery at the very top of a mountain lived an old, beloved senior monk. It was the old monk’s birthday and all the junior monks wanted to give him something really special for his birthday. They sat together and brainstormed. “Our brother monk doesn’t eat rich foods. He eats only rice and vegetables. He drinks only the tea from the monastery’s garden. He wears only his robes. He reads only the sacred texts and he is already content with just these things. Whatever could we get him? He wants for nothing!”.

Finally the monk’s birthday arrived and the young monks sheepishly told him, “We wanted to get you something very special for your birthday but we just didn’t know what to get.” The old man smiled and said, “So what did you get me?” The monks hung their heads and said “Nothing.” The old monk’s eyes lit up and he joyfully replied, “Just what I’ve always wanted!”


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