GPT-4 Was Deeply Racist Before OpenAI Muzzled It

GPT-4 Was Deeply Racist Before OpenAI Muzzled It GPT-4 Was Deeply Racist Before OpenAI Muzzled It

On contentment / on materialism / Buddhism jokes

On contentment / on materialism / Buddhism jokes In a Buddhist monastery at the very top of a mountain lived an old, beloved senior monk. It was the old monk’s birthday and all the junior monks wanted to give him something really special for his birthday. They sat together and brainstormed. “Our brother monk doesn’t... Continue Reading →

On dealing with difficult people / on mistaken identities

Albert Einstein was frequently asked to speak at dinners, social events and other gatherings - a practice which he did not care much for. One evening, his chauffeur was driving him to another speaking event and Einstein complained that he was tired of the speaking engagements. His chauffeur happened to look very similar to Einstein... Continue Reading →

WOTD, Free verse, limerick n Haiku

Word of the Day lugubrious (lugyubriəs , లుగూబ్రీఅస / లూగ్యూబ్రీఅస)   Example   The man's lugubrious eulogy at his dog's funeral eventually made everyone giggle.   Definition   adjective excessively mournfulFree VerseLugubrious, oh how it sounds! Like something lost that can't be found, Excessively mournful, you say? Let's turn it 'round, and find a way.Instead... Continue Reading →

CHAT GPT can help TED Speaker’s task simpler. Here are two examples

The Power of Forgiveness in Healing Introduction: Attention-grabbing opening (e.g., personal story, startling fact, quote, etc.) Introduce the topic of forgiveness and healing Preview the main points of the speech Body: Define forgiveness and explain its importance for healing Share personal anecdotes or research to illustrate the benefits of forgiveness Discuss the challenges of forgiveness... Continue Reading →

Two TED style speeches with help from CHAT GPT.

The power of forgiveness in healing: Forgiveness is often seen as a difficult and daunting task, but it can have a transformative effect on our lives. In this TED Talk, you could share your personal experience or research on the power of forgiveness and how it can lead to healing, growth, and even reconciliation. The... Continue Reading →

Can an Individual be – A Thought Leader, A Pro-Bono Mentor, A Professor, A Social Media Influencer – what are the qualities, attributes, skills common in them and which are unique?

Secondly if a Social Media Influencer has to also become a Thought Leader - what is a step by step guided plan for him in the short and medium term?         Yes, an individual can be a thought leader, a pro-bono mentor, a professor, and a social media influencer. Each of these... Continue Reading →

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