What I wanted to be…

Daily writing promptWhen you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up? View all responses At Age 5, I was in Bhopal - a new State Capital of a newly formed Madhya Pradesh State and my father who was in GAD in Mumbai secretariat was transferred with a few of his... Continue Reading →

Detailed article on THOUGHT-LEADER, Pro-bono MENTOR and and action plan if one desires to be one.

What qualities, attributes, skills, behaviour must a person display in order to be called a Thought leader There are several qualities, attributes, skills, and behaviors that a person should display in order to be considered a thought leader. These include: Expertise and knowledge: A thought leader should possess deep knowledge and expertise in their field,... Continue Reading →

Propriety and Plausible deniability – Poetically…

Free Verse: Propriety is key, To a life lived respectfully, Deny plausible wrongs, And don't be caught singing songs. Limerick: There once was a man of high society, Whose actions had no propriety, He denied it all, With plausible deniability, But his scandals still caused much anxiety. Haiku: Propriety's reign, Plausible deniability, In a dance... Continue Reading →

In Indian interest

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8buDh1J-CpwAnti India Narratives and Activities IWho Funds Anti India Activities IMaj Gen Rajiv Narayanan IAadiDEF - TALKS by Aadi29 Mar 2023 #khalistan #deftalks #sorosWith Anti India Narratives and Activities occurring, the big question is Who funds Anti India Activities? What can India Do to counter it? Q & A Session. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LByRXS4H8j8Savarkar's bravery & untold stories... Continue Reading →

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