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What’s something most people don’t understand?

What’s something most people don’t understand?

One thing that many people may not fully understand is the extent to which their own biases and preconceptions shape their thoughts and perceptions. Often, people believe that they are objective and rational in their judgments, but in reality, our brains are wired to make quick judgments based on limited information and past experiences. These judgments can be influenced by factors such as our cultural background, upbringing, social status, and personal beliefs, and they can lead us to make assumptions or to see things in a certain way that may not be accurate or fair.

Another related concept that many people may not fully understand is the idea of cognitive dissonance, which is the psychological discomfort we feel when we hold two conflicting beliefs or ideas. When I reflect on my commentary about the leader of the party I am a member of – it leads people to understand me most.  When I try to explain the Cognitive dissonance – many followers leave me on social media.

Rather than resolve the conflict, our brains often try to rationalize or justify one of the beliefs in order to reduce the discomfort. This can lead us to cling to our existing beliefs even in the face of contradictory evidence, or to dismiss information that challenges our worldview. Understanding our own biases and how they affect our thinking can be an important step in becoming more open-minded and making more informed judgments.


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