Why people behave the way they do?

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What’s a secret skill or ability you have or wish you had?


Why people behave the way they do?

WordPress today gave a prompt to us bloggers asking “What’s a secret skill or ability you have or wish you had?”

I was impressed with the prompt and it triggered memories of my long career and thereafter.

An important question (I had learned in my Life membership days at NHRDN) “Why people behave the way they do?” is at the core, the beginning of HR and is important for all C-Suite Executives, Directors, General managers too. More so, for those who have people reporting in their teams.

Personally speaking, in my long career I acquired this skill/ ablility. At the core of which was Empathy, Curiosity of a Child and the framing ability of right questions and a tone, style, manner that would be non-offending, non-intrusive, non-incisive – usually using mild humor (self-deprecating).

The ability to understand why people behave the way they do is a crucial skill in the field of Human Resources (HR). It allows HR professionals to create effective strategies and solutions that address the root causes of workplace issues.

Asking appropriate questions to understand the “why” behind people’s actions is a valuable skill in HR. It enables HR professionals to gather the necessary information to make informed decisions and recommendations. Additionally, it shows employees that HR is genuinely interested in their concerns and is committed to finding solutions that meet their needs.

Furthermore, the ability to understand the “why” behind people’s actions can help HR professionals to identify patterns in behavior that may indicate larger issues within the organization. By recognizing these patterns early on, HR can take proactive steps to address them before they become more significant problems.


Freeverse Poem:

In the realm of HR,

the key to success is clear:

understanding why people act

can lead to solutions that impact.

Questions are the tool we use,

to uncover the underlying clues,

to behavior patterns that we see,

and create a workplace

that’s happy and free.


There was an HR pro

with a knack for

asking the right questions,

no slack.

She knew the key

to success

was understanding the mess,

and finding solutions

that get to the back.


Questions lead the way,

To understand

the “why” behind,


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