My most Influential Teacher/s in Evening College when I was learning Management.

Daily writing prompt
Who was your most influential teacher? Why?

The Senior Professor and Director was a luminary. He loved Table Tenis and I would bunk my evening college class to meet him, play few games (win / lose ) did not matter and post college we would sit on a bridge – 4-5 of us Smoking and chatting. Someone would get Tea in cups by persuading the Canteen owner who would be closing for the day.

The Second was later a Director and became equally famous. He was an Entrepreneur and Investing Mentor in couple of student businesses.

What were there qualities that Politively influenced me..

  1. The were role model: The set a positive example for us pupils by demonstrating a strong work ethic, ethical behavior, and a passion for learning.

  2. Created a positive learning environment: Foster an atmosphere of mutual respect, collaboration, and open communication in their classrooms. Encouraged us pupils to share  ideas and engage in respectful debate.

  3. Provided guidance and support: Accessible with appointment and available to pupils to provide guidance and support when we needed it. Encouraged us to seek advice and support, whether it be related to our academic work or our personal lives.

  4. Challenge and inspire: Challenged pupils to think critically and creatively, and inspired us to pursue our goals and aspirations. Encouraged us to take risks, embrace failure as a learning opportunity, and strive for excellence.

  5. Emphasize the importance of lifelong learning: Encouraged pupil to view education as a lifelong process of discovery and growth. Helped us to develop a love of learning and a curiosity about the world around them.

I had two Silent heart attacks in 2014, Last one while teaching I became unconscious and students admitted me to a renowned hospital and Doctors told me it was 2nd attack due to C.A.D. and uncontrolled Diabetes. 

After I came home many people called. Sir (the Teacher) called me and inquired about my health.  While closing the call, he gave me an advice. He said, I should pursue some childhood hobby I left due to father’s early death and learn from Gurus. Do not judge myself or let others be the judge by maintaining that I am a Learner, an amateur.

It did wonders.  I was able to produce 3500 paintings in watercolor and thru a NGO I advised- we gave them as respect to the COVID WARRIORS, the Ward boys, the docs, the nurses, hospital staff, City municipal staff and many others.  So much so, we were short as demand was high.

I derived satisfaction and said thanks to my Professor. He influenced me in Career, Mid-career crisis and post career health crisis.  God forbid, but with Medical management and good docs I did not suffer another heart attack and barring arthritis, I am generally healthy.  Thank you SIR.


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