Parliament in India KO’s a Convict MP and restores Democracy!

Free Verse Poem: In a land where DemoCrazy reigns, Parliament must hold the reins. Convicts barred from membership, Ensures the system's true equip. Restore democracy and it sustains. Limerick: There was a time when DemoCrazy, Was muddled and somewhat hazy. But convicts were disqualified, From parliament, they were denied. Now democracy is clear and unfazy.... Continue Reading →

Requested Ministry-wise PIB releases.

Press Information Bureau Government of India Dear Dhananjaya Parkhe This email has been sent by PIB on your request to subscribe PIB releases. •Scholarship to pre-matric and post-matric STUDENTS and Maulana Azad National Fellowship •Production Linked Incentive (PLI) schemes have potential for creating 60 lakh new jobs for period of 5 years starting from 2021-22... Continue Reading →

Article 3 of 4: Body Language for Public Speakers and Toastmasters.

Article 2: Facial Gestures Introduction: Facial gestures are a crucial aspect of body language. They can convey emotion, emphasize key points, and help connect with the audience. In this article, we will explore the power of facial gestures in communication and how public speakers can use them to enhance their message. Body: The Power of... Continue Reading →

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