My take: “While Big fish get away with Bankruptcy or running to a tax haven – the small businesses face the exploitation by recovery teams and that causes even big banks to fall”

  1. Free Verse Poem:

Big fish file for bankruptcy,

And swim away free,

Leaving small businesses to pay,

For their reckless spree.

Tax havens beckon,

A safe haven to stash,

Money that should have been,

Paid to the tax bash.

Recovery teams swoop,

On small businesses in distress,

Their tactics cause a whoop,

And leave them in a mess.

Big banks fall too,

Their greed too hard to hide,

Their fortunes they blew,

On a reckless ride.

  1. Limericks:

There once was a big fish so grand,

Who swam away from bankruptcy land,

Small businesses paid the price,

While he sipped on frozen daiquiris with ice,

Leaving them with no help at hand.

Tax havens beckoned the big fish,

A place to stash money as lavish,

The taxman he dodged,

His greed he unfledged,

While small businesses

he left to languish.

Recovery teams swoop in with glee,

On small businesses that can’t flee,

They exploit their distress,

With tactics that impress,

Leaving them in a state of debris.

  1. Haiku:

Big fish swim away,

Small businesses left to pay,

Recovery’s prey.


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