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Monday March 20, 2023 <>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<> Did you know... ... that today is International Day of Happiness? This day seeks to celebrate and promote world happiness as a fundamental human goal. People should realize the importance of happiness in their lives! Celebrate by learning what makes you happy! ~~~ Today's Inspirational Quote: "Be courageous. Challenge orthodoxy.... Continue Reading →

The 7% rule: fact, fiction, or misunderstanding

A series of 5 articles which TOASTMASTERS can make use of for their Pathways Projects. In 1971, Albert Mehrabian published a book Silent Messages, in which he discussed his research on non-verbal communication. He concluded that prospects based their assessments of credibility on factors other than the words the salesperson spoke—the prospects studied assigned 55 percent... Continue Reading →

My take: “While Big fish get away with Bankruptcy or running to a tax haven – the small businesses face the exploitation by recovery teams and that causes even big banks to fall”

Free Verse Poem: Big fish file for bankruptcy, And swim away free, Leaving small businesses to pay, For their reckless spree. Tax havens beckon, A safe haven to stash, Money that should have been, Paid to the tax bash. Recovery teams swoop, On small businesses in distress, Their tactics cause a whoop, And leave them... Continue Reading →

With Elections round the corner – Food items are still likely to continue as Freebies to Voters.

In recent times, there has been a growing concern about the distribution of free food to the poor in India. With elections around the corner in many states of India, political parties are promising freebies to voters, ranging from laptops to bicycles to cash handouts. However, there is one form of freebie that is likely... Continue Reading →

India and Australia recently played an ODI, and unfortunately, the Indian cricket team lost big. It was a tough defeat for the team, but this should not dim their shine. As the saying goes, “Do not allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Tell them to put some sunglasses on.”

The Indian cricket team is a group of talented individuals who have worked hard to get where they are. They have overcome obstacles and challenges to make it to the international stage. Each member of the team has their unique strengths and abilities that contribute to the team's success. However, sometimes even the best teams... Continue Reading →


Word of the Day notorious (noʊtɔriəs , नोटॉरीअस / नोटोरीअस) Example No one wanted to play poker with the neighbour as he was a notorious cheater. Definition adjective known widely and usually unfavorably Synonyms:  ill-famed, infamous "a notorious gangster" "the infamous Benedict Arnold" "the tenderloin district was notorious for vice" Quote of the Day “It is... Continue Reading →

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