Freedom of Speech or lack of it.

My take as Poet – with help from Chat GPT – Haiku, Limerick, Freeverse poem.

A haiku:

Words fly like sparrows

Free to soar, to sing,

to flee Or (be) trapped in a cage


A limerick:

There once was a man who spoke free, 

(and he Never SPOKE for FREE!)

Til he offended powers that be.

They silenced his voice,

Leaving him with no choice,

But to whisper his thoughts in secrecy.


A free verse poem:

Freedom of speech,

what a concept!

To say what we want,

without regret.

But sometimes,

we must choose our words,

Lest we offend or hurt like swords.

We have the right to express,

But with it comes great distress.

Words can heal,

but also harm,

So let’s use them wisely,

with charm.

Let’s speak our truth,

with respect,

And let our words not intersect.

For everyone deserves

to be heard,

Without fear,

without a

single word.


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