Presidential Press Conference day in U.S.A. and my Poems.

Free Verse Poem:

Today is Presidential Press Conference Day,

In the land of the free

and the home of the brave.

Reporters gather,

microphones in hand,

To ask their questions,

to make their demands.


across the ocean wide,

Our Indian PM remains in hiding.

No press conference

in nine long years,

The public’s curiosity turns to fear.

Is it a lack of transparency?

Or a fear of facing scrutiny?

Whatever the reason,

we can only guess,

While the press conference becomes a rare success.


There once was a PM from India,

Whose press conferences

were rarer than a panda.

For nine long years,

He refused to face his peers,

While the Presidential

pressers were grander.


Presidential press,

Indian PM’s absence,

Transparency missed.


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