Saudi, Iran and XioPolitics

And the U.S. banks begin to fold…

#XioPolitics #SaudinIran
Here are three different poems on the theme
“With Xi Jinping came together
Saudi and Iran,
world watched with interest
Xiopolitics of Oil”

Free Verse Poem:
In the world of oil and politics,
Xi Jinping made a dance-move,
Bringing together
Saudi and Iran,
A decision that will surely behoove.

The world watched with bated breath,
As the Xiopolitics unfold,
Will it be peace or more unrest,
Only time will be told.

But in the meantime, we wait and see,
As the US Banks begin to fall
and oil market reacts,
And we wonder what the future will be,
With Xi Jinping’s
Imperialistic Expansionist acts.


Xi Jinping’s politics of oil,
Has brought together
foes that once toiled,
With Saudi and Iran,
Will peace be the plan?
Or failing banks around the world
watch their plans be foiled
Xi Jinping’s power,
Brings together two rivals,
Oil and peace both “steak”.


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