Did you know…

Did you know…

… that today is Coca-Cola in Bottles Day? In 1894, Coca-Cola was sold for the first time in bottles. Trivia buffs: On October 9, 2012, at 11:48 am, the final 6.5 ounce returnable glass Coca Cola bottle, in a bottling run of 5,880 bottles, was filled and capped at the Winona, Minnesota, Coca-Cola Bottling Company.


Free Verse Poem:

From glass bottles to plastic, The shape may have changed, But the taste of Coca-Cola, Will forever remain.

A symbol of Americana, A beverage that’s known worldwide, The classic Coke in a bottle, Is a treat we can’t deny.

So let’s raise a glass to history, To that first bottled Coke in 1894, And to the many moments of joy, That Coca-Cola has brought us before.


In 1894, it was quite a thrill, When Coca-Cola was bottled for the first fill, And years later in Winona, The last glass bottle was crowned as a persona, Cheers to Coke in bottles, may the memories spill.


Coca-Cola in bottles, A classic taste that endures, Memories in each sip.


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