Chat GPT helped me write a free verse, a Limerick and a Haiku in 30 Sec.

Free Verse Poem:

Between Jio and Adani Bowling ends stand tall, At Narendra Modi Stadium, Cricket test will always be drawn.

In this land of cricket, A game loved by all, The battle for supremacy, Rages on without a fall.

As bowlers and batters face off, In this great game of skill, The stadium stands proud and strong, With the hopes of a nation to fulfill.

And as the sun sets on the field, And the crowds begin to roar, We know that this game will always be, A test of strength and more.


There’s a stadium that stands tall, Between Jio and Adani, a brawl, But when cricket is played, All animosity is laid, And the test will always end in a draw.


Between Jio and Adani, Narendra Modi Stadium stands, Cricket test draws close.


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