I asked AI ChatGPT the answer. Interesting

What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.

As an artificial intelligence language model, I don’t have feelings, so I can’t say that I “hate” anything. However, there are certain types of questions that can be challenging or difficult to answer. For example, questions that are overly vague or ambiguous can be difficult to understand and respond to appropriately. Similarly, questions that are based on false or incomplete information can be challenging to answer because they require me to correct the underlying assumptions before providing a useful response. Finally, questions that are inappropriate, offensive, or unethical can be uncomfortable to address, as they may go against my programming to be helpful and respectful.

My own answer is rather simple. 

I hate to be asked my NAME, AGE, CASTE, PLACE OF MY NATIVE 

from the people who are in the know – my (socalled) friends, (distant) relatives or even (Old Age) Teachers. 


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