A friend took me to a Saint

How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success?

It was a chill Delhi Winter February morning. We were on the verge of bankruptcy. A friend took me to meet someone who turned out to be a short statured, white flowing bearded, white dhoti kurta wearing Saint who was performing prayers.

He looked at me for a while, Asked me to show my palms under light and said,

“Your train has derailed, good you came here, we shall pray together and put it back. You should leave partnership, settle even with a loss but come out clean paying all dues. Look earnestly for a job. By September you will land a job. Stay put till you retire. Cut expenses, save for daughters and wife. Keep praying daily. We will know when you pray and we shall pray for you. Go to Tryambkeshwar and do Shraddha as some ancestors’ wishes are not fulfilled – go when you can. Let’s meet some day. Namaskar” in chaste English. And then we talked for another hour in Marathi and Hindi and I learned couple of new ways of prayers and Pranayam. No money was sought, none given and after touching his feet we left.

Every word of this came true. The saint called me in past 27 years only twice when I was in Mumbai. He was staying with one of the devotees on Pedder Road but very busy. He just reminded me both times to pray. Never met. The friend told me he has a YogAshram in Panchgani but we never kept in touch or meet.

I recall this and felt that

1. It was a Teacher who appeared, when me. the pupil was ready

2. He gave me Positive Thinking and foresight of the things to come rather strategically for about 20 years !

3. He gave me much needed Affirmation that God will make things right

4. The need for prayer in our day to day life.

5. Praying together with the Teacher/ Guru is even better.

6. Don’t shy away from Hindu Dharmik Rituals like Shraddha for the departed souls.

7. Pay all debt and emerge with a Clean Honest head where without shame one can say – I was on the verge of Bankruptcy but paid off all dues and restarted by God’s grace.

Om !


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