Advice to my teenage self

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

  1. Choose your friends very carefully 
  2. Do not give TRUST immediately to anyone
  3. Suspect any iota of “Over” selling by anyone 
  4. Don’t fall prey to temptations
  5. Indulge in Reading by not Luxury of mind “Buddhi Vilas”. Learn, understand,adapt, experience yourself before you share, teach.
  6. Poverty is not a curse.  Things do not change, YOU change.  Either you change things or you change self.
  7. No labour is bad – including child labour done conscientiously to help family/ self. Never deplore a child doing menial labour.  Never bargain with child sellers – encourage them.
  8. There is Dignity in labour – no job is inferior – develop the eye to see value in each type of labour.
  9. Do not live by making assumptions, presumptions and negative thoughts – Have Positive thought, EXPERIENCE – what you experience is what you should share without shame, fear or hesitation – if you wish to have people following you, LOK SANGRAH, develop your support systems – be someone’s support system in areas where you have experience/s Good, Bad or Ugly. 
  10. Pray, Believe in God and feel his presence around us all the time. Every one of has Antaratma and we all wish to find the Paratpar Parabrahma by our deeds.
  11. Pray to God to give you More, and More in order to make you become able to SHARE, GIVE more and more and more to the needy. 
  12. Things Average Out so don’t fret – find balance quickly by doing breating exercise, Pranayam and to keep fit Yoga for body, mind, heart and soul.



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