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Hello Dhananjay,

I’ve been making videos for over a decade. Before that I was an actress on TV. I’m kind of used to seeing my face on screen, but it’s always a tad jarring seeing yourself age over the years.

Yeah, I’m human like you.

While I love my iPhone, I must say, that 4K clarity is fabulous for nature shots, but a tad harsh on fine lines.

Which got me thinking…

There’s a gift that comes with soft focus. Now, I’m not simply referring to the use of those digital filters that make you look like a doe-eyed teenager, rather a state of mind which relaxes perception and releases the tension that comes with a life that’s relentlessly hyper-examined.

We’re tethered to our devices in an unhealthy way, which keeps our brains wired with adrenaline, stressing our nervous system. Can you imagine being away from your phone for an entire day? Yep, you’re hooked just like me.

Imagine if we applied soft focus to our daily routine. The softness of a slow morning routine. The ease of a conversation with a friend while strolling in nature. The quiet peace of reading a book while the rain drizzles outside.

Simple pleasures. A life with soft focus.

From that place of grace, we can more easily connect with ourselves and discover who we are, what we want, and discover the courage to make it happen.

By the way, you look great on camera. No filter required.

Shine on,


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