One of the Best Gifts …

Share one of the best gifts you’ve ever received.

3-4 years ago, my daughter came for the summer holidays with the “Bundle of Joy” our Princess Granddaughter – for summer holidays.  I was spending my retirement time as usual in drawing, painting and being the forever learner with my wife as the strict mentor. 

I like watercolors, chunky charcoals, acrylic and Chini/Japanese calligraphy and paintings.  Even bought a Chini Painting “Bible” just before the Princess’s visit.  She had heard about sponges and I wanted to surprise her with Natural sponges which are easily available on Amazon.  I also bought from Itsy Bitsy couple of dozen Inks of various hues and colors and of course Paper of 80 to 300GSM. 

When we had leisure time, after Princes who had made many friends in our Apartment complex finally came back – she wanted to pass time and sat with me.  I taught her dipping a thread in Ink and pulling between two paper sheets and watching different designs it made.  She tried by being small, she could not do on her own so asked me if there is any SURPRISE for her.  I showed her the natural sponges and the inks.  She found it very easy and (good she did not use it on the Walls) and made several paintings and wrote names of all those whom she wanted to gift it.

I was pleasantly, surprised to see my name on top and she handed the first of her creations to me.  It was lovely, done quickly and using as many colors she could use to fill the whole page (A4 size0.  

To me this was one of the most cherished gifts.  


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  1. I completely understand your joy in that experience. I was teacher of art and music for most of my life, I know this experience very well.

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