Interesting Writing Prompt

If there was a biography about you, what would the title be?

I met my Guru/ Avatar Shri Meher Baba – courtesy my friend’s parents who were Baba Lovers.  One of the Phrase which remained with me was “Mastery in Servitude“.  Many sags and people who understood explained me the meaning in their own word and the more they said the more attracted to it I became. .

I am a Mix story of More Failures than Successes.  So much so, when one of my mentor told me that I should share as MENTOR with others – what and how I lost everything in business – it would make a good proposition devoid of Assumptions/ suppositions and imagination !  He said, I must be brutally honest in sharing and answering questions – especially aobut my follies in business to be a Credible person and gain Trust.  I helped. 

To sum up a 69 year old life that continues – if I write my autobiography I can safely say that the title of such a book will be “The Story of Jay: The Jack who loved to remain in Servitude” .  

But, I doubt very much, if I shall find time to write . 

And the Summation will end with my oft used Quote:

“Loyalty to Ideals/ Values First

Loyalty to my Institution next

Loyalty to INDIVIDUALS Last!!”


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