The Terrible R’s of our times and HR ©

By Dhananjay Parkhe

I am watching with some interest the news about BJP government ensuring 2 Crore Jobs to the needy in this tenure.
For a while, every thing seemed hunky dory, then came ChiniVirus Covid which slowed down growth.
In past one year there were many positive reports about the Provident Fund registrations crossing a Crore etc.
Past 2-3 months are filled with reports of Pink Slips, Retrenchment in the name of Resizing, Restructuring and Recruitment Freeze may be on cards on the back of the news of forthcoming financial crisis in US and West.

I have always believed that HR professional in the company is an equal business partner. In this case, however, I am sadly commenting that R in HR has become Synonymous with Rest, Recreation, Recruitment, Resizing, Restructuring and Retrrenchment. Those who lose their jobs – are the unworthy losers who never had a level playing field. HR professionals who possess the Planning skills OVERDO Things. They Over Recruit. They Onboard peple and make them warm the bench. In some cases take appraisal of this “Benched team” and show them the door saying they did not perform as per standards in spite of training (?) provided.

IMHO, there is no alignment between Government Targets of employment and Industry’s own plans. With the result, thousands of youth are facing unemployment and they have no unemployment allowance.

My humble request to Narendramodi ji Piyush Goyal Officeji and @Nirmalasitharama is to impose taxes/ heavy penalties on companies – especially those which are funded by FDI, Venture capital route – they must justify why they wish to recruit and if they fire the parson after 6 months of employment – they should be penalised.
Oherwise, I wonder if there will ever be any sanity and the mad mad world of our unemployed youth will lbe fully chaotic and bad for the country.


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