What could I do differently.

What could you do differently?

It was a nice Bengaluru weather Sunday. My wife n daughter were going to Chitra Santhe 2023 where over 1200 artists and 300+ Students display their Art work and over A Million footfalls are registered every year and the Sales are in the region of INR 50 Million.

My wife had a stall in the Senior citizen’s enclosure – a small table – a 6×6 area one could use as wall and two chairs + of course – the coupons for Breakfast, Lunch.

My daughter had painted a very nice painting which she framed and kept on a Tripod

The Previews on FB, WhatsApp had raving reviews.  But the stall was surrounded by other artists who sometimes immediately begin to get jealous if the visitors spend more time watching any artists’ work. It happened.  The next stall owner artist lady “Accidentally” ELBOWED the painting which fell down but fortunately did not break. 

But not so with her brash husband! He not only elbowed the painting harshly (so it dropped and the glass broke) but had the temerity to ask my daughter “What’s your price?” (ostensibly to find the price for repair of the picture frame.

My daughter was shattered and had a fit of anger but my wife controlled the emotions.   

Now the TODAY’S PROMPT IS What could I do differently?

What Options me, an Arthritic, Diabetic, Cardiac patient who had difficulty in walking could have done or done differently.  But, for this reason, I had not gone to the Exhibition knowing the crowds and my own mobility/ health issues. 

A. Call the organisers and give them a written complaint about small crowded stall allotments

B. About the behaviour tantrums of the neighbor artist lady and her husband and the loss to us.

C. Used force and could have vandalised their stall and verbally given back in the same coin.

D. Called the Policemen patrolling the area due to the VIP movement and lodged a cognisable offence report. 

E. Garnered the support of other Senior Citizens having stalls and together lodged complaint about the young guy about his goonish behaviour.


I was not there.  I got a WhatsApp message from my daughter 2 hours later with some very angry remarks. My immediate response what S#$T ! but, I called her and my wife separately, understood the matter.


Finally, What did I do differently –

I said to my daughter – Breaking Glass is a Good Omen.  Let’s get the Glass frame repaired.  You can touch up the areas that are damaged due to glass break.  

I am in a dilemma – I outlined 5 options but gave a completely different 6th solution.

Not sure, if this was right thing to do.  But Senior citizens in the country everywhere are feeling the treatment of “Second Class Citizens”, racial abusive atmosphere everywhere and I am no Gandhi who said “Be the change, you want to see”,





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