Greatest Gift for me?

What is the greatest gift someone could give you?

I saw this wordpress prompt question and thought to myself : O God, I have been always praying to you:

To Make me Able to Give. For Give, Give, the More I Give – I know you would keep a Count and this attitude of Service helped me in the Service Industry and while Managing People, working with people.

Today, I can ask God Two Gifts: 1. Good health to endure the things I intend to do in future that requires the stamina, courage and mental strength 2. And yes. God ! if you can give me this with your ultimate power – with your kindness and love – Give me – NO, NOT THE MIDAS TOUCH! But a Healing touch so that praying with someone who is suffering, holding their hands – they will become Healhy again with your Blessings and Grace.

Thank you God.


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