The Daily Stoic – Weekly Recap newsletter

“Putting things off,” Epictetus said, “and always deferring the day after which you will attend to yourself…you will live and die as someone quite ordinary.” “Stop drifting,” Marcus wrote. “Sprint…If your well-being matters to you, be your own savior while you can.” The New Year is just hours away. If you are ready to attend... Continue Reading →

The World as it is

by Seth Godin. via his newsletter. The world as it is [ ]No one sees reality.It's worth repeating: No one accurately sees the world as it is.A person with hearing loss doesn't experience the world the same way a synesthete does. A rock climber doesn't see a steep slope the same way an elderly person does.... Continue Reading →

Arguing for Inaction

by Seth Godin via his newsletter  Arguing for inaction [ ]…is surprisingly easy.“We've done all this work and things haven't gotten better,” so, apparently, we should stop trying and go back to what we were doing.“We've done all this work and things are getting better,” so that means that there's no need to keep trying and... Continue Reading →

Insightful data is called Information: Seth Godin’s Newsletter

Insightful data is called information [ ] Data is everywhere around us, and most of it is simply noise. The purpose of information is to inform, to help us change our minds. Information has a point of view, it's useful. It turns data into actionable truth. Getting more data isn't the hard part. Turning it into... Continue Reading →

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