My political views

How have your political views changed over time?

IMHO, my belief in Political system is Long-term. And yes, I changed them at age 12 and held them firmly with JanSangh to its new Avatar -Janata Party to Bhartiya Janata Party. I did have political views from Age 5 to 12 which were with Pt. Nehru’s INC and Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s INC (I) AFTER she was expelled from Original Congress.

At Age 70, I am still a BJP follower and hold my views firm. Being in Bhopal – a new Capital in 1958. Living in Govt Quarters and Father/ Mother both being Govt. Servants – I was to become pliant, docile and adaptable to Congress and its Sickular policies and stand all day in parade for Chacha Nehru’s Birthday on 14th Nov and then at the height of Indo China war cry the slogans -Chou-En-Lai/ Nehru Murdabad after earlier two years of sloganeering Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai.

In Schools, Russians of USSR were always distributing translations of their books free of cost at exhibitions. I did buy “Maa” the translation of Mother. I was not influenced by the Commie/ Russi politics. The Hate for China after 1962 war is Permanenet as it is for Pakistan since 1965 War. Indira Gandhi was still an Idol till 1975 even though I was supporting Jan Sangh and was their MLA/ MP election City Advertising Controller / co-ordinator in 1967-69 period while in school. But my loyalty from IG shifted to ABV during Emergency in 1975. In fact, at my Village Hut, I had given “Safe House” facility to RSS, VKK, KA, VHP and JanSangh leadership who would be in disguise, running away from arrests. The Emergency was the last straw of my hate towards Khangress – which remains to date.

Although, I met several of Top echelons of RSS/ BJP during the 1966-1973 period and later intermittently till 1984 – I did not do any party work as I was employed in a Govt. of India undertaking and all political activity was forbidden.

Post my retirement I did some work for BJP’s Kisan Morcha but I found myself distancing from leadership for several reasons like

  1. Man-The Leader First as I was opposed to Vyaktivaad.
  2. The Fashion show, Show-stopper parades by leaders
  3. The ugly display of wealth by leaders including junior leaders
  4. Arrogance and having to justify my presence in meeting
  5. While I appreciate many leaders who are not corrupt but many more are.
  6. The Khangressi Culture of ” high command” adapted by party
  7. The Khangresi culture of No Balanced Scorecard/ No accountability
  8. Inertia, inactivity, feet dragging, indecisive and roll back policy following leadership.

These have put me at an Arm’s Length Distance from Party/ Party functionaries but I still prefer it due to Sankalp Patra 75 – the Manifesto – its implementation is slow but there is some development that is phenomenal e.g. External Affairs, Exports, Highways, Food Production and attracting FDI investments.

I doubt, I will change my beliefs – however, angry and vocal like an Angry Old Man I may become on Social media – I would still vote this party.


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