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The annual Daily Stoic/Feeding America fundraiser is underway! This year we’ve raised the bar again, setting our goal at $300,000. Every dollar we raise provides 10 meals, so if we hit our goal, that will be three MILLION meals to families in need! We are personally putting up the first $30,000 and hope you will help us to reach our goal. Just head over to dailystoic.com/feeding. Together we can make a small dent in a big problem.


Now is now. You’ll never have this moment again. Memento Mori. The circumstances are never going to be perfect. You do not have plenty of time. Now is now! Today is the day!

— This Is The Day (Listen)


In one of the most watched videos on the Daily Stoic YouTube Channel this week, Ryan Holiday shares 6 Stoic lessons that will bring more peace to your life. “There’s a great expression that you become like your friends,” Ryan says at one point in the video. “Show me who you spend time with and I’ll show you who you are.” The Stoics would tweak that slightly, Ryan explains:

“The Stoics say you become what you give your attention to. If you watch nothing but polarizing political news, you are going to become a polarizing politics obsessed person. If you watch nothing but celebrity gossip, if you spend all your time following influencers on Instagram—you will become like that. But if you immerse yourself in a great book, if you look for things that are positive, that are empowering—that is also what you will become. You become what you pay attention to. You become where you focus. Marcus Aurelius says, ‘we are dyed by the color of our thoughts.’ I think we’re also died by the influences by put in through our eyes and ears.”

Watch the full video: 6 Simple Stoic Lessons To Feel More Peace


In one of the most listened to episodes of the Daily Stoic podcast this week, Ryan Holiday talks to personal finance advisor, entrepreneur, and author Ramit Sethi about the I Will Teach You To Be Rich podcast (one of Ryan’s favorites), testing old assumptions, figuring out your “rich” life, what to consider before making big financial decisions, and how to not be phased by other people:

“When I go to the airport, I like to leave a healthy margin of error. So when I’m there with plenty of time, and I see people panicking and frenetically running around, it actually makes me calmer…It’s the same thing with money. If you have a vision of your rich life, if you know where you want to go—even as the winds cross you and other people are panicking, you can calmly take one step after another on your path. Nothing can phase you.”

Listen to the full episode: Ramit Sethi on What It Means to be Rich


“Empathy is no substitute for the experience itself. We don’t get to tell a person with a broken leg or a bullet wound that they are not in pain. And people who have hit the caste lottery are not in a position to tell a person who has suffered under the tyranny of caste what is offensive or hurtful or demeaning to those at the bottom. The price of privilege is the moral duty to act when one sees another person treated unfairly. And the least that a person in the dominant caste can do is not make the pain any worse.”

— Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson


Guard your time.

In On The Shortness of Life, Seneca writes,

“People are frugal guarding their personal property; but as soon as it comes to squandering time they are most wasteful of the one thing in which it is right to be stingy.”

(For more on this idea, watch this video!)



The Last Words Of Marcus Aurelius (Listen)

With the holiday season approaching, we wanted to make it easy for you to pick up gifts for your loved ones. This weekend we’ve marked our Ego is the EnemyObstacle is the Way and Memento Mori pendants down, so pick them up before they sell out.

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