Word of the Day primiparous Example According to medical science, there exists a larger risk of pregnancy related complications among primiparous women. Definition adjective of or relating to a woman who has given birth only once Quote of the Day “He, who wishes to secure the good of others, has already secured his own.” Confucius

Shadow Diplomats – article in ICIJ Newsletter.. shared..

SHADOW DIPLOMATS 14 HONORARY CONSULS EMBROILED IN CONTROVERSY ICIJ and ProPublica identified at least 500 current or former honorary consuls publicly accused of wrongdoing or embroiled in controversy. Here are snapshots of some of those cases. Ali Koleilat Liberia  Brazil Read more Ali Myree South Sudan  Lebanon Read more Ali Saade Guinea  Lebanon Read more Aziz Nassour Lebanon  Angola... Continue Reading →


Accused terror financiers, arms traffickers and drug runners among hundreds of rogue diplomats, global investigation reveals (courtesy: ICIJ Newsletter) Investigations Shadow Diplomats SHADOW DIPLOMATS Accused terror financiers, arms traffickers and drug runners among hundreds of rogue diplomats, global investigation reveals Honorary consuls are meant to foster ties between countries. But criminals and others accused of... Continue Reading →

Courtesy: ICIJ Newsletter

US SANCTIONS FINANCIAL NETWORK AND LUXURY PLANES LINKED TO RUSSIAN OLIGARCH SULEIMAN KERIMOV An ICIJ investigation detailed how Swiss businessman Alexander Studhalter was at the center of a vast web of shell companies tied to Kerimov that moved billions via American banks. By Spencer Woodman Image: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images November 16, 2022 facebooktwitterlinkedinemail Russian... Continue Reading →

A drug cartel godfather bid millions to buy a fleet of obsolete Egyptian military aircraft

COURTESY: ICIJ Newsletter A cache of documents reveals how Christopher Kinahan Sr. masqueraded as a relief flight consultant before the bid was put to four high-ranking Egyptian military officers. By Fergus Shiel and Golden Matonga November 12, 2022 facebooktwitterlinkedinemail International drug lord Christopher Kinahan Sr. was involved in an audacious bid to purchase a fleet of Egyptian military... Continue Reading →

Free ebook summary “Dawn of Everything” from Nik’s Newsletter

Heyo, Nik here with your free summary of the day. If you enjoy these, check out our reading guide. It'll help you learn and remember more from everything you read. Happy reading! Want to get just one weekly summary roundup? Switch to weekly. ​ 1-Sentence-Summary: The Dawn of Everything tells the story of how we went from hunter-gatherers to city-builders,... Continue Reading →

Requested Ministry-wise PIB releases.

Press Information BureauGovernment of India Dear Dhananjaya Parkhe This email has been sent by PIB on your request to subscribe PIB releases. Requested Ministry-wise PIB releases. •Duties on 100 percent tariff lines to be eliminated by Australia under the landmark India-Australia Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (Ind-Aus ECTA): Shri Piyush Goyal •English rendering of PM’s address... Continue Reading →

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