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Alright, who’s ready to discover some great books? I know I am, let’s go!

Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

Eat That Frog! is an absolute self-help and productivity classic with over 500,000 copies sold, sharing 21 simple techniques you can immediately apply to get more things done, starting today.

In our animated video summary, we’ll cover tactics 5, 12/13, and 19, showing you how you can make use of your unproductive time, why knowing yourself is the key to doing more and better work, and how making appointments with yourself will give you time to work on the things you care about, not just your boss.

If you want to be more productive, watch this video.







The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

1-Sentence-SummaryThe Universe Has Your Back explores the importance of spiritual elevation, meditation, and ways to live by a mantra that serves you in your self-discovery journey that will shape your reality through new and improved thoughts and inner beliefs.

Top 3 Lessons:

  1. To fix your mind and live in the present, you’ll have to start meditating or praying.
  2. The Universe holds everything you need, so just learn to ask for it.
  3. Let go of your assumptions and let the Universe lead you to your higher purpose.

If you want to find meaning and confidence in your life, this book is for you.

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Napoleon’s Buttons by Penny Le Couteur

1-Sentence-SummaryNapoleon’s Buttons explores the scientific phenomenon of molecules by highlighting how we can trace the origins of our entire existence to something as tiny as atoms and make sense of various events in history that shaped our world.

Top 3 Lessons:

  1. Certain materials, spices, fabrics, and molecules changed the course of international history.
  2. Atomic changes happen when people make tiny mistakes in their chemistry experiments.
  3. We must first come to terms with the power of science in order to leverage it.

If you want to discover the connection between science and history, this book is for you.

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One Decision by Mike Bayer

1-Sentence-SummaryOne Decision explains how flawed decisions occur and how you can avoid them by analyzing data at first, asking for fact-checked opinions, eliminating your biases and prejudice, and many more useful practices derived from psychological research.

Top 3 Lessons:

  1. Your assumptions and fear of the unknown are keeping you stuck in unhappy situations.
  2. Learn to adapt to the winds of change and keep an objective eye.
  3. People are valuable assets, and so is fact-checked unbiased data.

If you want to be smarter and more adaptable, this book is for you.

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That’s all for now. I hope you can use these productivity tips and more to start your week strong!

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